Unchain the Nation!

So what is that about that country that makes it so interesting and fascinating, that attracts people from all over the world, that makes people write, make movies about, and yet, there is no end to that, and there is no one answer.

"Django Unchained". Another Tarantino movie. He hit the spot again. It's uncomfortable to watch at times, but not because of his usual violence but because of how the characters treat each other (which sometimes yes, includes violence). And how they do that is mostly, as we can imagine, based on facts, or on imaginable situations taking place in the America of the mid-1800s. The realism of the racism pictured is at best uncomfortable to watch. It's disconcerting, brutal, unimaginable and unbelievable. Yet, to this day, it still exists in certain places... (And you have to ask yourself, how come? How is that still possible, after all these years, after all these fights for equality, after Lincoln and yes, Obama?).

Slavery is a big ole and dirty spot on American history. The movie is brutal and full of cruel scenes with "niggers" (or should I say people described by the N-word; as political correctness would oblige...), a term that was apparently widely used back then, getting punished for trying to run away in numerous ways, beaten or killed. It's hard to look at, it's almost impossible to take. It's not a typical violent movie we're used to seeing these days: people killing each other for non-existential and senseless reasons (spies, Bond, Terminator et al). In Tarantino, these people are fighting for their lives, literally, or otherwise, they'll be enslaved or killed. They don't do it for Their Royal Highness or other loyalty-inducing entity, they are mostly on their own (or they will be forced into some sort of "loyalty" the one of the master and the slave kind), and they are above all real, even if not based on factual characters.

On the other hand: the guns. It may be true that at that time, and that place, everybody carried at least one thus gun fights and shootings were as common as the daily bread and horseback riding as a means of transportation. But has it changed since? Yes, we may argue we are more civilized, for one, slavery is long time gone (thanks, Lincoln! Except, the corporations seem to have a problem with that too...), we have proper automobiles and gun belts are not as common of a sight (although one still has a right to bear arms, supposedly, and not just one, unfortunately, often does...). But the violence still exists. People die from guns more than in any other country on Earth. The hatred still exists, too, with racial antagonism being very prominent which created an explosive mixture more often than not...

This nation needs help. We all believed the President at some point. If he ain't gonna do something about it, then who will, I'm asking y'all?!