January 2014

A January Day in Napa

We set out for a wine tasting day in Napa. It was the end of January, but it might have as well been April or May: the sun was warm and extremely pleasant, the blueness of the sky intense, and only the bare trees and empty vineyards indicated that it was indeed, still winter.

January Full Wolf Moon

This is what the Full Wolf Moon was like in January. The only part missing is the howling wolves, but I suppose I can pass on these.... The moonrise over the hills is always like a sweet little surprise. The big body rises seemingly effortlessly, and shines with an ever brighter strength the higher it gets on its route, finally reaching its journey and illumination's zenith.

Minimalist Nature Part II

Reading Still Life with Woodpecker changed the way I look and feel about the moon.... Such a wonderful creation eternally attracted to our beautiful planet! I've been so enjoying watching it waxing and waining, and going through the cycles....