One Year into Making, and....?

....I declare no victory, nor do I surrender!

One year anniversary went by pretty silently, uncelebrated.... It is for a fact that this thing called my blog didn't exactly went as I planned, nor did it take off at all for me in a way that any blogger would hope for.... Nonetheless, I declare that I am not done with it, and that I will keep producing quality content just like I started to (and I'm not getting discouraged at all that my writing may be of not as high quality as I think, taking that the blog hasn't gained any traction yet.... I blame it on marketing and SEO, or a lack or thereof, and not (yet, at least) on the subject I chose to write about or even more, my style and aforementioned writing abilities).

And to celebrate (the heck with non-celebration, we have a reason to raise a toast after all!), I chose to post a link to a song. It isn't any kind of song, made by any kind of artists. It isn't even a love song, even though it makes me love the artists involved even more than I ever did. It's not even my favorite genre! But it's made by one of my favorite people on the planet, and it has become my favorite song of this time.... Take a listen and love it too!!!!

To one year of blog trials (and errors)!