Nighttime Krakow

Oh, my lovely city, that's never been mine, that I've never managed to make my own! So many beautiful memories, so many irretrievable moments shared with amazing people. That is all I have, and what I cherish and will cherish forever!

"Bo trzeba, proszę państwa, przez cały nocny Kraków...."

  • Mariacki Church Tower.
  • Dorożka!
  • Sukiennice on the Main Square.
Late night Krakow. The towers of the Mariacki church that carry so many secrets and legends.... It was a special night, like so many others, yet ceaselessly exceptional! Till 6 in the morning! "Zaczarowana dorożka, zaczarowany dorożkarz, zaczarowany koń...." Krakow, Main Square. Good to be here, celebrate, see friends.... I totally ❤ this city!!