Election Day Sales aside...

Today is a very important day. It is an extremely important election. It doesn't just come down to the choice of the person or party. These candidates are very different. You can argue that their foreign policies are very alike and that it is especially disappointing when it comes to Obama (drone strikes killing innocents, including American citizens, massive deportations of illegal immigrants, almost unconditional support of Israel, lagging with ending once and for all the Afganistan and Iraq wars, inability to close Guantanamo, etc). As a proof, take the last presidential debate when, all of a sudden, Romney started agreeing with the President on most of the issues regarding his foreign policy and strategies in the past and for the future. It was as surprising to Obama and his supporters as to a lot of Romney people. Of course, it was part of the strategy he picked for his campaign and that particular debate, but what it also could mean is that Obama's shortcomings and mistakes could be his.

But when it comes to the domestic policy and their views on people, women, minorities, gays and lesbians, and then on businesses and corporations: they couldn't differ more.

President Obama represents the Democratic party that is based on more liberal, open and socially-aware values. He officially supports gay marriage, the right to abortion and birth control. The health care reform that he has pushed (that now carries his name, which doesn't have a pejorative connotation for his suporters anymore, or Obamacare), passed in its shortened version because of a strong Republican opposition to it, changed a lot for the whole country. It not only mandates people to get health insurance, it also lets children up to 26 years of age to be on their parents' insurance, mandates the insurance companies to give health care despite the so-called preexisting conditions, and limits the costs of the insurance. He supports a higher tax rate for millionaires (the "Buffett tax") versus lower rates for the middle class, or people making less than $250K as well as appropriate tax rates for corporations, especially those that have shipped their jobs and operations overseas, instead of keeping them in America. He invested money (also by giving tax breaks) to renewable energy companies. He wants to keep Medicare and Medicaid strong. He believes that everyone should have equal access to good education, that every woman and man should get equal pay, that America is about technology, innovation and leadership. He believes the government can be helpful to people and that this is what its main role is.

Governor Romney, on the other side, as a representative of the Republican party, said that on the first day of his presidency he would repeal Obamacare (even though it is exactly the same kind of reform he helped pass when he was the governor of Massachusetts). He said he would decrease tax rates for everybody, but also take away a lot of tax deductions (which he failed to define which ones...). He said he would make abortion completely illegal, that he doesn't support gay marriage and also said that the 47% of people are victims of their incapabilities... He would defund public tv and radio, and FEMA, take away bunches of regulations in the financial system, drill more in the oceans to get oil and gas, approve the Keystone pipeline, and spend even more money on military (that it doesn't even ask for anymore).

It seems like the choice is pretty obvious...

There is one other aspect of this election, though, that makes it so important: the fact that the next president will most likely appoint up to three Supreme Court Judges. It is extremely important that these judges be more centric or liberal-leaning after George W. Bush's conservative choices so that the Supreme Court can be more balanced and trustworthy, so that it works for the people and their rights, so it really continues to be (or rather regains a position) of a respectable body.

This is an extremely important choice that lies in the hands of voters, in the hands of Americans, in the hands of the Electors. The future of America depends heavily on this election. Let's make it happen, people!